LiveHouse – Strategic Events | English Summary

LiveHouse – Strategic Events | English Summary

LiveHouse is a trendsetting event organiser, offering live communication and event services. We specialise in corporate and other events where the top priority is the clear communication of business and strategic messages. LiveHouse provides the content and returns, while always ensuring an attractive and unique concept. For over 25 years, we have been putting our heart and soul into these activities for a large number of prominent companies. We apply our expertise to the areas where communications, marketing and particularly personnel and transition management meet. Thanks to our many years of experience in all these disciplines, we are a discussion partner at the highest level for our customers.

Our services include

  • Storytelling

  • Strategic advice & coaching

  • Events: share it together

  • Events: experience it together


Storytelling: it’s all about your story

What is your organisation’s story? This is what we want to know. What is the best way to tell this story? This question forms the foundation of the creative concept that we develop, in co-creation with you.

In telling the story and translating it to a concept, we apply a variety of broadly recognised and tested theories in the fields of communications, business processes, organisational development, and developmental psychology. These include yet are not limited to Lean Six Sigma, Into the Heart of Meetings and SCRUM.

Strategic advice & coaching

Using live communication, we bring about a dialogue between people and organisations, and between people themselves. This requires expertise. LiveHouse often acts as an adviser in the boardrooms of organisations, and offers customers different types of strategic advice, personal coaching and training sessions, all of which are designed to bring about the desired dialogue.

Live communication is often used as part of organisational and other change processes. In these activities, LiveHouse also offers strategic advice and can act as a sparring partner in every stage of the process, and at all levels of the organisation.

Strategic advice

LiveHouse advises and coaches customers in formulating objectives for their one-off event, or long-term transition process. We ask questions, and keep asking. This is not always easy; it requires reflection, and being able to see into the future.

Personal coaching

In order to achieve the intended goals, everyone must know their individual role in the event, and also be able to play this part with conviction. LiveHouse can coach and train your employees so that they can fulfil their role convincingly, and with verve.

LiveHouse also directs and supervises the important contributions that speakers can make to an event. We discuss the content, presentation, and visual design for their contribution with them. We offer advice and tips for a clear, comprehensible and intriguing story, unifying the speakers to create a collective.

Events: share it together

LiveHouse starts by brainstorming with you about the content of your event. For each event, we ask:

  • What is the topic, what can be learned and shared?
  • Who is the target audience?
  • What do they want to hear, and what type of experiences and knowledge will they bring with them to the event?
  • How can we make sure that after the event, they will have heard everything there was to hear, and have shared what there was to share?
  • How do we ensure that they will hear and share more than they thought they would?

Together with you, we translate the event objectives into a creative concept that embodies the essence of everything you want the participants to experience and take away with them. All the aspects of the concept contribute to creating the unique atmosphere that makes achieving these objectives possible: invitation policy and social media, location and accessibility, speakers and entertainment, interactive working methods, audio-visual solutions, décor and branding, and catering. Also view the following interview with Events Uncovered.

Events: experience it together

A good event involves more than just a well-chosen location, fascinating speakers or surprising entertainment and great food. It must also offer a certain chemistry, and perhaps even a bit of magic. A good event should ignite a spark, transmit a message that is understood and won’t be forgotten by the visitors. A shared experience, with impact at a rational and emotional level.                                

This chemistry, message, spark and experience all characterise LiveHouse events.


At LiveHouse, form and content go hand-in-hand. Form and content complement and reinforce one another to achieve the maximum impact. This definitely applies to the stories told during an event.

This is why we help you create the content, but also coach you in determining the form, or design. This is what we mean by co-creation.

...and more

For each event, LiveHouse creates a communication plan that is tailored to our customers’ needs. If desired, we also direct and supervise the speakers’ contributions to an event.


To create engagement LIveHouse uses a lot of visualisations. Some expamples below:

Suggestion  1

With the aid of a learning map, employees will discuss their own experiences, obstacles, successes and possibilities. They might do this for example in open-discussion form, or guided, using questions and/or assignments. We will also use themes such as Edward de Bono’s Thinking Hats, or Stephan Covey’s Circle of Concern.

Suggestion  2

Employees will receive a central briefing about impending changes. Based on a digital photo game, we will then present them with a variety of dilemmas. Working in teams, they will look for the contours of the changes by discussing the dilemmas and making a choice. A valuation of the core values is associated with this choice.

The winner of the game will be the team that provides the best suggestions for change, and has taken as many of the core values into account as possible.

Suggestion  3

Each team will be seated at their own table with a large sheet of white paper coloured markers. Based on leading questions, they will draw the contours of changes and the foreseen consequences of these. They will then move to the next table, with one member of the team remaining behind. The new group will continue with the drawings left on the table by the other team. The team member who remained at the initial table will explain the drawing, and the new group will add to the drawing. These rotations may be repeated a few times.

Suggestion  4

Based on the ‘pride game’ with related questions, the employees will explore the consequences of the changes. Some examples of questions include: How does the change affect me (in terms of my position, my work, my future)? How will it affect my team/employees/department? What is our role in the change? What is our contribution to the change? What are the risks associated with our contribution? Which successes will result from our contribution? What is the story I will tell my employees? 


Event organizers should not only be executors but also advisors!

Claim servant leadership

LiveHouse designs its concepts according to the theory of the so-called Audience Orientated Programming (AOP).

Our theory is based on matching the needs of both transmitter and receiver. Central is the answer to the question: what's in it for me?

Optimal and mutual interaction is striving.

Content is leading and then made to measure in a format.

The 10 steps of Audience Orientated Programming are:

  1. Determine the theme, the topics and the message
  2. Define the target group(s) and identify characteristics, make a persona
  3. Formulate the objectives and needs of both transmitter and receiver
  4. Match the needs of transmitter and receiver: the overlap is the key to success, the diversion is the invitation to interact
  5. Determine as exact as you can be the Return On Investment  
  6. Design the event format in terms of content, themes and creative translation. Invite speakers if applicable.
  7. Choose location/rooms, catering, audiovisual equipment, entertainment et cetera – in correlation with objectives and needs
  8. Carefully approach the target group (s), possibly using different (online) media and social media. Attention to the question: what's in it for me?
  9. Create a memorable emotional and physical live-meeting, always with your personal awareness and attention
  10. Survey the event on both experience and Return on Investment.

LiveHouse believes in co-creation, and works closely with its customers. During the preparation stage of your event, we will ask you a lot of questions to learn more about you, your ‘story’, and what your objectives are for the event. We develop a strategy tailored specifically to this ‘story’, with a vast array of live means of communication, all designed to help you achieve your goals. In order to communicate your message even more powerfully, we integrate the use of social media, storytelling (with cartoon drawings if desired), HD and 3D videos, animation, PowerPoint/Keynote presentations and speaker training sessions. We translate this strategy into a creative concept which brings your story to life, and shares your message. We can do this for a single event, or several if necessary.


We have all the necessary disciplines at our disposal for the execution of your event, from concept development to logistics management, and from developing learning maps to 3D video projections and copywriting.

Cases & Clients

Over the course of 25 years, we have been involved in a large number of successful national and international projects. We would be happy to provide more information on several cases by request.

Our clients include TNT (project-acceleration campaign, roadshows), Avery Dennison (project-acceleration programmes in 22 countries in Europe), Boehringer Ingelheim (preferred supplier for a variety of internal and external events), Alliander (preferred supplier for a leadership transition programme lasting six years; Alliander Expeditie – internal exhibition for and by all employees, Energy Experience – annual informative exhibition pavilion, development of the 'big picture', video productions, learning games), Shell Retail (product introductions for V-Power, FuelSave and BonusMiles), Shell Pernis Refinery and Shell Nederland Chemicals (five-year internal communications including quarterly talk shows, leadership programmes, learning maps, Six Sigma, campaigns to improve Operational Availability and Safety), European Society of Cardiology (preferred supplier for international conferences and coaching services for the Board of Directors), Landal GreenParks (annual international kick-off with introduction of annual theme), Siemens (introduction of new products, 125th anniversary celebration, internal branding), Eneco (introduction of internal communications and project accelerator), Microsoft (introduction of new products and supervision of participation in exhibition), Mitsubishi (internal programme and development of learning game), ABN AMRO (internal events for new products, transition supervision), Rabobank (client-relation events, internal motivational events).​

Training programmes

  • LiveHouse offers various training programmes, both for organisations and individual participants.
  • Customised in-company training; Event & Communication: Creative Event Concepts, workshops for teams at every desired level.
  • Individual training: Successful Presentations.

Quality mark

LiveHouse is a member of IDEA. As a member of this association, LiveHouse is able to use the IDEA quality mark. IDEA is a mark that guarantees creativity, professionalism, continuity and safety.

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